Find Your local Water Softener Expert

      Why Choose a Registered Water Softener Expert?

      Independent Advice

      There are various water softener options. And just like any home appliance your lifestyle, home layout and personal preferences play a part in choosing which one is for you. Our experts guide you through the range of options available to you without being constricted.

      Verified Experts

      We vet each application to become a registered water softener expert with a panel of industry leaders.  That ensures our experts are suitably knowledgeable about the industry options, have a proven track record and uphold our family values that our industry is built on.

      Industry Support

      As a community of traditional business owners we support one another with skills swaps, training and latest industry developments.  that means we are always one step ahead of the lone rangers and have a broader knowledge base across the industry.  

      How we are raising the standard for the water softener industry across the UK

      Beyond the expert technical knowledge we recognise that you will be welcoming engineers into your home.  So with that in mind we have also created our charter to reflect the qualities you would admire in your guests.  It's not just the water softener and filter quality itself that matter, but the installation too.  Together we are committed to educating water softener installers and engineers on the specific technical considerations for all types of installations.  

      Our Promise To You

      We Speak Human 

      Listening to the engineers talk to each other is like watching a Latin opera, thoroughly enjoyable but not always comprehensible!  They will happily explain all elements of their home survey so you have the facts to hand you need. 

      Transparent Options

      The benefits you will see on energy bills, fewer household renewals and repairs, cleaning time, luxury feel of your home and savings on your weekly grocery shopping are clear.  And so are the options available in choosing a softner based on your lifestyle and budget and priorities.

      Satisfaction Guaranteed  

      Our certified dealers show a great pride in customer satisfaction within the efficiency and quality of their work. 

      From your initial contact with us, enquiring about a home visit up until post-installation - we promise to give you the highest grade of customer service throughout your journey to safer water with us.

      World Class Service

      We believe in establishing a long-standing relationship with each of our loyal customers. Therefore, you can be rest-assured that after your installation, we will not disappear from the face of the planet. Our experts will be there for your every need, query and/or a health check.

      Here's Why Our Customers Love Their Water Softener Expert...

      Edward Herring

      Owner at Washingbrough Hall Hotel - Greens Water Systems

      I believe when a customer walks into the bedroom for the first time, they want to see it's clean, crisp, and well presented. Softened water undoubtedly delivers this and assists us in offering bedrooms and bathrooms at the highest quality for cleanliness, brightness, and sharpness. Without a water softener, I know we will be upsetting so many customers and Jeremy and his team at Greens Water Systems have always been excellent to us personally and within the hotel business - I would recommend them 100%.

      Domestic Water Softener Owner

      Dorset Water Softeners

      "Since having a water softener, the bathrooms are squeaky clean and the grouting doesn't go black... Paul and his team at Dorset Water Softeners worked very well, they arrived on time, they left on time, they cleared up their mess afterwards and they demonstrated how the water softener worked"


      Water Softener owner - Aqua Soft UK

      I was always a bit questionable what the real benefits of a water softener were but I thought I'd give it a go. I researched around and decided that Aqua Soft were the best company I could find..... great reputation..... lovely guys!!!

      They installed everything in my house with no problems at all. I suffered very badly from eczema.... no ointments nor creams fixed it but I've had a water softener for 6 months now and it has been a miracle cure.