Choosing the right expert for you!

A water softener is not just an expense it is an investment. With any other investment, you'd want to confide in a trusted and reputable broker, wouldn't you? This is just the same for a water softener, we are here to provide you with a trusted and reputable water softener expert.

When discussing 'Investment', this terminology means that you will see a return on your investment in a numerous of ways!

Water Softener Expert UK

Here at Water Softener Expert UK, we have set out the strictest of standards and criteria of what we expect from our experts. We do this as it cuts out a mundane chore for yourself. We love to take care of you as we are well aware that many of our customers have many questions when investing in a water softener.

A typical consumer range water softener could cost between £1,500-£2,000. You can expect in excess of £400 annually savings and an average of 20.6% annual return on investment. With this return on investment and annual savings, surely you deserve a therapeutic Mediterranean cruise or a ski holiday in the Alps?

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Our standards...


All communications with yourself is honest and sincere


NEVER be pushy for cash payments


Provide you with a transparent investment opportunity - no hidden fees!


Not to harass customers for a decision once a home visit has been made


Give the customer frequent updates on all work completed or still to be done


To treat the customer, their family, their property and their possessions with the same due care you would as your own home


Stick to appointment times (Keep customers updated if their are any external complications)

We are passionate about delivering a thorough interpersonal service throughout your journey of investing in a water softer. Therefore, these standards are compiled to ensure that you receive the best service within the industry.