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Discover how your family will thank you for a water softener

Have you often contemplated owning a water softener? But wondered how do I get one? Or how much will it cost me?

In this blog, you will understand what a water softener does. What are the benefits of having a water softener. How you can save £££'s whilst obtaining a return on your investment.

Introduction to water

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Firstly, we as individuals living in developed countries tend to forget the importance of water within our lives.

Water is one of our basic requirements that makes up our physiological needs. With the others consisting of: Food, air, clothing, shelter and human reproduction.

Whilst water is a physiological need for human beings, it is equally crucial for our homes as it operates as a 'tool'.

The way water acts a tool is to maintain cleanliness to our dishes and clothing etc. But how clean is that water?

Hard water is still safe to consume. However, we can improve the quality of the water we consume through the purchase of a water softener. 

Hard water areas

You may wish to purchase a water softener if you reside in a region that naturally produces hard water, some of the regions are shown below.

Regions such as: Lincoln, Hull, Leicester, Colchester, Bournemouth, London, Peterborough and many others!!!

So how does a water softener work?

When we curse the rain and the plans that it ruins for us, it is actually delivering us soft water.

However, when it is absorbed through the ground it picks up and dissolves contaminants into the water supply which turns the water 'hard'. 

Therefore, to combat the hard water, you can purchase a water softener, that is ultimately a mechanical domestic appliance. The water softener is installed into your water supply with the primary aim to remove minerals (calcium and magnesium) by a process kn0own as ion exchange. 

Below you can see a video that is taken from Kinetico's (a reputable brand) website, which shows a visual depiction of how a water softener works.

The process of purifying hard water starts with a mineral tank that is situated within the center of the water softener which is filled with resin which possesses a negative charge.

The calcium and magnesium solutions that occur in hard water contain positive charges and theoretically when these combine. The negative charge (resin) will filter out the hardness minerals and other contaminants and result in soft water being distributed throughout your household.

You'll be greatly thanked by your spouse or your children when they return home from university or just visiting.

Once, the resin has been saturated with the hardness minerals and contaminants post-filtration, depending on which water softener you opt for it may automatically regenerate (self-cleaning process) itself.

Which during this stage soft water will not be available however you can programme this to regenerate during the night when you would typically not be using the water supply.

During regeneration, brine (salt dissolved in water) is flushed through the system removing any dirt or other hardness minerals down the drain, ready for your next soft water cycle.

What are the benefits of having a water softener?

An investment in a water softener is one that you will see a full repayment by year 5 at the most and we will discuss exactly how you will see a return on your investment.

Jeremy Heath, Managing Director at Greens Water Systems is seen in the video above quoting that:

"Huge savings in household running costs can be made when switching to a water softener, through energy bills, repairs/replacements and weekly grocery shopping!!!"

Looking into what Jeremy was discussing during the YouTube video above. There is three ways that a water softener can reduce your overall household expenditure and reimburse you in 5 years at the most through the following savings:

1. Energy bills - Soft water will ultimately descale your cylinders and plumbing systems. Which means your heat exchanger works more effectively. Which results in more heat, much quicker, for less of your appropriate energy source.

2. Repairs/Replacements - Hard water builds up lime scale within your kettles, irons and shower heads causing damage. Constant renewals of small domestic appliances or even the boiler and cylinder (which a replacement of such is more expensive than the price of a water softener).

3. Weekly grocery shopping - In our weekly grocery shopping how often are we purchasing 'non-food' products such as soaps and detergents? Hard water reduces the effects of the properties within soaps and detergents resulting in you using more when you really do not need too. With a water softener, your soap and laundry detergents will last you 5x longer with soft water - Is this something you can afford to miss out on?

Additional benefits

In addition to these prior benefit, the purchase of a water softener can provide a cleaner and shinier traits to your prized possessions, such as:

Cars, Brassware, Glassware, Mirrors and Tiles.

Don't just take Jeremy's word for it. Have a listen to Water Softener Dealer UK's customers who have been extremely satisfied with what a water softener has provided them and the services that they received.


Firstly, Washingborough Hall Hotel owner, Edward Herring provides a valuable insight into the benefits that a water softener can bring to a boutique hotel business.

Edward Herring - Washingborough Hall Hotel - Greens Water Systems testimonial

"I believe when a customer walks into the bedroom for the first time, they want to see it's clean, crisp, and well presented. Softened water undoubtedly delivers this and assists us in offering bedrooms and bathrooms at the highest quality for cleanliness, brightness, and sharpness. Without a water softener, I know we will be upsetting so many customers"

Mr Herring is very complimentary towards Greens Water Systems for providing him and his business the perfect solution for hard water. He is certain that having a water softener will help satisfy his guests and he believes that the investment of a water softener is one that is imperative.

Dorset Water Softeners testimonial

"Since having a water softener, the bathrooms are squeeky clean and the grouting doesn't go black... (Paul) and his team (at Dorset Water Softeners) worked very well, they arrived on time, they left on time, they cleared up their mess afterwards and they demonstrated how (the water softener) worked"

Pete - Domestic Customer - Aquasoft testimonial

"I was always a bit questionable what the real benefits (of a water softener) were but I thought I'd give it a go. I researched around and decided that Aquasoft were the best company I could find..... great reputation..... lovely guys!!!

They installed everything in my house with no problems at all. I suffered very badly from eczema.... no ointments nor creams fixed it but I've had a water softener for 6 months now and it has been a miracle cure."

Michael Noon - Domestic Customer - Greens Water Systems testimonial

"The home visit was educational and I was certainly educated, as I didn't initially know what a water softener did but if I did I would've had one years ago"

Therefore, click the button below to start to obtain the best strategy to provide you and your family with safer water. All you need to do is click the button below and you can expect results just like our happy customers above.