Why choose a registered expert?

If you've ever hired a professional to advise on landscape gardening, heating systems or renovations then you know exactly why experts matter...

The most common feedback we get after a water softener installation is "we should have done this years ago".  Naturally we've been compelled to ask, what stopped you?  Normally people don't go ahead because they think it's going to be a disruptive process and complicated.  There is an element of technical knowledge that goes into the planning but that's on us.  Here's how the process works...


Step 1 - Home Survey 

There are various water softener options, much like there are with washing machines.  And just like a washing machine your lifestyle, home layout and personal preferences play a part in choosing which one is for you.  During a home survey we guide you through the things to consider and in combination with the plumbing survey we can recommend the softener options in your budget range.


Step 2 - Consider Your Options

Our experts will take the time to share their experience for your short-list of softeners.  They are there to guide you through maintenance requirements, extra technical features you may want like apps and remote control and the practical project management of installation.  It's up to you to choose the next steps.


Step 3 - Become Part of the Family 

Our industry was built at a time when knowing that Mrs Jones preferred salt bags to live in then shed and delivering them there rather than at her front door mattered.  Those things still matter.  Each of our experts commits to the level of customer service we used to expect but has seemingly been replaced in the age of the internet.  We're proud to welcome people back into a family of traditional values.